No Thanksgiving Wine Tips Here

Just in case you haven’t figured it out yet, you won’t be getting any list of great holiday gifts for the wine lover in your life from me. Vinography also won’t be listing the best holiday buys for wine. And you definitely won’t be getting a list of great wine pairing ideas for Thanksgiving. It’s not that I’m not interested in dispensing advice, or helping anyone out (if you’re really desperate for some wine recommendations send me an e-mail) but its just that there are too many damn lists out there.

I’ve ranted on more than one occasion about the uselessness of top five, top fifty, top ninety nine lists, especially coming from strangers. More and more these days, everything seems to be getting reduced to a list, as if that’s the most digestible form of advice or commentary in this country. After a steady diet of television with formulaic plot lines and weekends filled with regularly scheduled sales at our favorite shopping locations, presumably all we have time to digest is a few bullet points? Magazines in particular are guilty of this phenomenon.

So I refuse to play. My wine advice for you this Thanksgiving, the holiday with so many flavors that it’s difficult to find a wine to match anyway? Drink wine. Lots of it. And remember the stuff that tastes better than the rest, so you’ll be all set for next year.