WBW#18 Has Been Announced: Don’t Drink, Shop.

And now for something completely different. What does your local wine shop smell like? How do you write a tasting note for a store? How do you evaluate the structure and legs of your local wine merchant without offending the women who work there? All of these questions and more have to be evaluated in the next version of Wine Blogging Wednesday, the Web’s virtual wine tasting event. Next month’s edition, however will be unlike any we’ve had before. Instead of rating wines, participants will be rating wine shops. Hosted by Tyler over at Dr. Vino, the February event will focus on your favorite (or newest, or unfamiliar) wine shop. Should be an interesting take on Wine Blogging Wednesday. Put away your glasses and corkscrews, and sharpen your reporter’s pencils and notebooks as wine bloggers around the world go investigative on February 1st, 2006.