Vinography in Fast Company Magazine

Back in 1998 and 1999 Fast Company magazine was the news-ticker heartbeat of Silicon Valley. I used to read it, along with the Industry Standard, Red Herring, and Wired, with awe and excitement at the explosion going on around my ears. To be in Fast Company at that time meant that you were either striking it rich or royally screwing up (of course now we know that sometimes they were the same thing). At the time Fast Company wasn’t just a magazine it was a newly minted adjective. If your company was a fast company, it was breaking all the rules and experiencing the growth we’ve come to associate with the Internet Bubble.

I won’t lie to you. There was a time back then when I was in the midst of that whole space and thought that maybe I might find a way to grace those pages.

Then everything came crashing down.

But while many of those companies and a couple of those magazines have bit the dust, Fast Company has survived and wouldn’t you know it, but this month I’m in it. This month’s issue is all about food, with a big cover story on Chef Homaru Cantu of Moto in Chicago. Nestled in there as well is a sidebar about wine blogs and Vinography is plugged along with Tyler’s Dr. Vino and Jamie Goode’s Wine Blog, both of which, as you probably know, are very deserving of coverage.

I;m sure this means that any day now some VC is going to come up to me and write me a big fat check for a minority stake in Vinography. Anyone else want in on the action? I can most likely but not entirely guarantee my performance will be better than

Check out the issue. It’s a good one.