Where To Go. According To Food & Wine

Despite the fact that the web is expanding, at this point faster than the universe itself is expanding, it seems, there aren’t many really good resources for gourmet travelers. By good I mean resources with depth, breadth, and credibility. Blogs like Vinography (I hope) are starting to become trusted sources for advice in these areas, but many bloggers don’t have the time or luxury to do comprehensive surveys of multiple regions with any consistency.

That’s why it’s great to find resources like The Go List, a recent feature by Food and Wine that offers restaurant, bar and hotel recommendations for scores of popular gourmet travel destinations. I’ve taken a look through the areas that I’m familiar with and it looks to be a pretty good list. It also helps that I know they’ve tapped my friend Pim for recommendations in the Bangkok section. If they got folks as authoritative as her for each of the sections, then these are pretty great recommendations indeed.

Check it out.