WBW#25 Announced: Drink Bubbly With a “C”

wbw_icon.jpgIt was only a matter of time before someone forced us to all drink Champagne. And it’s no surprise, really, that the rules are being handed down by a bubbly loving Brit. My friend Sam, who run’s the hugely popular blog Becks ‘n Posh has decreed that this month we all need to drink the real stuff: Champagne with a capital “C.”

No sparkling wine allowed. Not even if it’s an old bottle from California before they banned the use of the term.

Nope, this month it has to be the real French stuff, and apparently extra points (oh my, there are points now?) are being awarded for the choice of small producers. Really, you see, this is all a big private plot for Sam to find new favorite sources of her favorite drink. Of course, that’s sort of what every Wine Blogging Wednesday is anyway.

So grab your blog. And a bottle (preferably the latter, first). And join Sam on September 13th, for the next edition of the blogosphere’s first virtual wine tasting party. Pop!