Wine With Your Own Custom Label On It

If someone had told me that after a couple of years of wine blogging, I would be on the press release list for every company, winery, and wine PR agency on the planet, I might just have reconsidered this whole endeavor. Sadly, no one did, and here I am, blogging away with just my head sticking out of this huge, virtual pile of wine junk mail. Winery openings, new winemakers, profit statements, charity dinners, dogs having puppies, new releases, library releases, winemaker dinners, new types of wine racks, new magnetic tools for turning bad wine to good, auctions — you name it, I’ve got an e-mail for it in my Vinography inbox.

99.9999999% of it is crap. Or if it’s not, it’s completely uninteresting to me, and, I believe, to you.

But occasionally, really rarely-occasionally, I actually get something that’s marginally interesting. Today I got a little note about a service called Signature Wines which basically allows you to order two or more bottles of wine with a completely custom, personalized label on them. You can either design the label completely yourself, or you can use one of their many templates.

It’s actually a pretty useful service to folks who are interested in giving wine as gifts or having bottles of wine be part of some sort of marketing or promotional campaign. Or, if you’ve always wanted to see your name on a bottle of wine, there’s always the vanity/amusement factor.

The bottles of wine they offer aren’t the greatest in the world, though they are actually bottles of commercial wines like Kendall-Jackson and Honig, which frankly are better quality than I would have expected a service like this to use.

Before anyone gets super excited about their own custom label, I should say that I tried creating one, uploaded it to the site, and promptly got an error telling me that I hadn’t uploaded anything — there are still obviously some bugs in the custom label part of their application — but the templatized label creation functionality works pretty well.

So. Not for everyone, but definitely a worthwhile service for weddings, special events, or just personalized gifts. Thought I’d pass along the link.