Winter RAP Rose Tasting: November 15th, San Francisco know pink wine is making a comeback when a bunch of vintners and marketing folks think they can fill a nightclub with rosé drinking young socialites in the middle of a chilly November. The Rose Avengers and Producers who put on the annual RAP PinkOut are betting on precisely that, however. What has been just a public wine tasting is now going to become a public wine clubbing event. Instead of tasting wine as the afternoon sun filters in off the bay, attendees of the RAP WINTER PINK event will be tasting wine to the chillout beats of DJs and amidst light lightshows.

It’s not clear whether attendees will even be able to see well enough to evaluate the particular shade of pink that their wineglasses hold, or whether they will be able to recognize the small mounds of tuna tartare on toast from Butterfly Chef Robert Lam that will be passed around. But, then again, that isn’t really the point of such an event, I suppose.

No, instead, this seems like an opportunity for wine loving young folks to go out and enjoy some unpretentious wine in a hip environment. If that sounds like a good idea to you, then go for it.

RAP’s “WINTER PINK!” ~ SF 2006
Holiday Rosé Tasting & Celebration
Wednesday, November 15th 6:30 – 9:00 PM
Ruby Skye Nightclub
420 Mason Street, San Francisco, CA 94102

Tickets are $45 ($35 for RAP Members) in advance and $55 at the door if there are any left. They can be purchased online.