Vinography in US News and World Report

I woke up this morning to find Vinography mentioned in an article in US News and World report. It wasn’t a big mention, just a suggestion that this might be a good site to get the lowdown on some good wine. The article itself was interesting, however, for its suggestion that good wine, and in particular good wine values, are getting both easier and harder to find. Easier because, as the buyer for the nation’s single largest store suggests, there has never been so much wine on the market (both from established and new producers). Harder because, well, there’s a lot of wine out there to choose from. And in this context, I’m flattered to say, the author, Alex Markels, suggested that Vinography might be able to help.

The notion that good wine values are becoming more common out there is certainly heartening in the face of the excesses of the 2005 Bordeaux futures craze, and the ever climbing prices on the auction block. What do you think, readers? Are there more or less good wine values these days? Are you finding some things more affordable than they have been in the past? Or is all the good stuff getting too expensive?