The Flu That Ate My ZAP Coverage

Those of you who have gotten used to my usual coverage of the ZAP Zinfandel Tasting each year will have to temporarily look elsewhere. While thousands of wine lovers are busy tasting through the latest vintages of Zinfandel here in San, I’m home wrapped in a fleece blanket coughing and shivering. I came down with something on Tuesday that has hit me like a ton of bricks and is doggedly persistent against my usual regimen of sleep, zinc, vitamin C, and fluids.

A fellow wine writer suggested that he had found Argentine Malbec could cut through the congestion and made a good germ killer, but tasting wine seems one of the least appealing things I could do right now. I’m lucky to keep down some chicken soup.

Anyhow, this isn’t a big sympathy play, it’s just a note to those few of you who look forward to scores on hundreds of Zinfandels at the end of the weekend. Sorry to disappoint. Rumor has it that the event courted bloggers big-time this year, so there will be plenty of other coverage.