Respectfully Asking For Your Vote. Again.

Yes, it’s just like the Golden Globes and the Oscars. Too many awards too closely packed together. Just when you thought you had sorted out who you liked, there’s a whole new list to choose from. Will all the awards eventually merge into one big one? Who knows.

Voting began yesterday for the first ever American Wine Blog Awards competition, and Vinography has graciously been nominated as a finalist in three categories: Best Wine Reviews, Best Wine Writing, and Best Overall Wine Blog. I’m really proud to be a finalist in these three categories. I’ve worked very hard to make Vinography a place that I would want to visit if I were just a consumer looking for an alternative approach to wine, and I’m really thrilled to be recognized for that.

So now is when I get to ask you for the favor of your vote again. Please do me the kindness of supporting me in these three categories. You can vote here.

And in case you need some inspiration for these three categories, I humbly submit a couple of pieces that I think represent the highlights of Vinography in these three areas (these links will open into new windows, which you’ll probably have to stretch wider to read the content):

One of my favorite wine reviews.

One of my favorite pieces of writing.

Something you’ll only find on Vinography.

Please vote, and thank you for your support!