What is the World Coming To?

How do we know that we’ve finally reached the point where we should just get rid of our government and start over again? When they spend time, energy, and taxpayer money making decisions and laws that so offend rational thinking it takes the breath away. Today’s candidates for removal from office? The Utah State Government, who in decisive move to uphold the morality of their state have told poor Glenn Eurick that he can no longer have a license plate on his car that reads: MERLOT.

Apparently Utah has a law that forbids anyone from having “words for intoxicants” on their personalized license plates. “You’re not going to drive any *@$%^$ Merlot!” in other words. I’m speechless with amazement.

And that might also describe my reaction to another incredible piece of human ingenuity this week, apparently designed for women who really, really, really don’t want to get caught anywhere without a good supply of wine. Now, of course, I can understand this sentiment. Wine is an essential part of my life. But I do find myself wondering, if I was a woman, is it really so essential that I would want to carry around an extra reserve of it in my bra? Gotta love the product name, though: The Wine Rack.

I suppose this partner product to a similar device for men known as The Beer Belly was invented for similar reasons — namely the ability to sneak alcohol into venues which forbid it. Which leads to two important questions:

1. If you really can’t do without some wine for one night, do you suppose you might have a drinking problem?

2. Do you really want to drink wine that has been nicely warmed to body temperature?

What a world. Thanks to Engadget and Thrillist for the tip-off on that one.