Drinking Buddies – A New Twist

Mostly, I try to keep this blog focused on good wine, and good writing about wine, knowing that there are plenty of other outlets out there for the bizarre, the frivolous, and the gear. However, when things like this “My Other Half” wine-glass-gadget come along, it’s hard to resist.

In case it’s not blindingly obvious from the photo, these two glasses are connected by a tube so that the wine flows between them in such a way that when the glasses are both at the same elevation, there is always the same amount of wine in each. Or at least that’s the theory.

This is trickier than it sounds — both people must drink at the same time, otherwise lifting one glass causes the wine to flow into the other.

In short — a completely useless invention that can be filed with all the others that wine drinkers seem to perennially invent.

Thanks to the folks over at Gizmodo for the tip-off.