RAP Pink Out Rosé Tasting: May 21, San Francisco

rapavengers.sm.gifI think we’ve turned a corner. At least in the major metropolitan areas of America, it’s no longer uncool to be seen sipping a glass of pink wine. This was not always the case. Six or eight years ago, such an action in some circles (not mine) was a clear admission that you knew nothing about wine. Or worse, that you had lousy taste in wine.

Then the newspapers and the magazines started in on rosé wines, and every summer there were suggestions from those in the know that perhaps drinking pink was no longer so uncool. Much to the amazement of the French, who have long known the pleasures of rosé.

It’s taken a long time for that message to sink in here in America, but I believe we’re now at the point where in polite, sophisticated company, holding a glass of wine that could be mistaken for White Zinfandel is no longer a social death sentence. Quite the contrary, it is now becoming an announcement of hipness.

While the folks at Rosé Avengers and Producers can’t claim full credit for this turning point, they certainly have helped push pink wine into the spotlight as an exciting, food friendly, and indeed, legitimate kind of wine for many Americans.

Both in service of their quest, and in celebration of their love, RAP puts on an annual event they call Pink Out, which is a tasting event solely dedicated to rosé. Held at the Asian fusion restaurant, Butterfly, the event offers the chance to sample pink wines from California, France, and beyond while snacking on tasty bites sent out from the kitchen in time to a live DJ. It’s a party.

It can get a bit crowded in the restaurant, so my advice is to go early if you can, but it’s pretty hard not to get your money’s worth, and it can be a fun time.

RAP Pink Out Rosé Tasting
Monday May 21, 2007
6:30 PM to 8:30 PM
Butterfly Restaurant
Pier 33, The Embarcadero
San Francisco, CA 94101

Tickets are $35 each, and are available to purchase in advance online. Sometimes tickets are still available at the door, but I recommend purchasing them in advance.

My usual tips for public tastings apply. Wear dark clothes, sensible shoes, no perfume/cologne, and spit everything except the very best.