WBW#35 Roundup Has Been Posted: Spanish Values

wbw_icon.jpgWine Blogging Wednesday, the blogosphere’s original virtual wine tasting party is going strong in its 35th month. We had top turnout of 41 bloggers, each of which sought out a value priced Spanish wine to taste as part of this month’s event, hosted by Michelle and Kevin over at My Wine Education.

I’m happy to see that people went far and wide to find a huge assortment of wines for this event, and many found their way to decent importers, successfully avoiding the mass market stuff, which while often decent, only represents a sliver of what Spain has to offer.

Reading through all the reviews makes me salivate and makes me wish that when I last visited I wasn’t a starving student with no interest in spending money on food or wine. I’m well overdue for the Vinography food and wine tour of Spain. Now if I could just do something about this day job…

* * *

As long as you’re here, it’s worth mentioning that the 3rd year anniversary of Wine Blogging Wednesday, WBW#36 has already been announced! It will be hosted by founder Lenn Thompson and encourages us all to drink naked (unoaked) Chardonnay. Be sure to check out his announcement for other interesting developments in the world of Wine Blogging Wednesday, and join us by reviewing an unoaked Chardonnay on August 11th.