Caribineri di Vino. AKA: Sommelier Cops.

Sometimes I really do just feel like everything in Europe is better. Of course, I know that this is just my food and wine version of the grass is greener. But then I hear stories like this one and I have to shake my head in wonder.

In America, our cops are busy being trained how to negotiate with a hijacked airplane and how to spot terrorists in a crowd. In Italy? They’re training 25 of their military cops to be sommeliers so they can better track down wine fraud.

How cool is that? The best place to be a cop is certainly somewhere where there is never any crime. The second best place to be a cop, however, seems to be in Italy, where you have to drink a boatload of really good wine in order to be good at your job.

Of course the big question has to be whether they have been given combat grade corkscrews to hang on their belts.

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