Introducing Vinography TV!

OK. Just kidding. There’s just no way I’ve got the time, energy or interest to go out and make my own video podcast, despite the fact that some of you who know me well were telling me to do it before anyone had ever heard of WineLibrary TV.

But, when someone else comes along and wants to do all the work, I’m happy to have a little screen time. The someone else, in this case, is CHOW Magazine.

So this is really CHOW TV. But with a little Vinography thrown in for spice.

Remember that Indian wine tasting I wrote about a week or so ago? Well there were some folks from CHOW wandering around with a camera during the thing, and they put together this little video segment on it, complete with some wisecracks and tasting notes from me.

Since I know you’ve got nothing better to do on Sunday evening, I thought you might enjoy it. Thankfully (for everyone concerned) it’s short and to the point, and I had a clean shirt on.

Once the iFrame appears above and you see the play arrow, click the arrow to begin playing the video.