WWJD: What Would Jesus Drink?

As wine has been around since, well, forever, I sometimes find myself wondering what the really old stuff used to taste like. You know, the stuff that the Visgoths were sipping out of their deer bladders, the stuff that the Egyptians were drinking out of their clay jugs, or the stuff that the Romans were drinking out of their Amphorae.

And then there was Jesus. They guy did more than just a little drinking of wine, a miracle or two notwithstanding. And don’t tell me you haven’t wondered just exactly what that wine tasted like, especially the stuff that used to be what passed for drinking water in Aramea. When you’re turning water into wine, just what kind of wine do you get in the end?

So I can’t say I was too surprised when Jesus popped up on a wine label eventually. Even with all that huff about graven images. Honestly? When Arthur sent me a link to the new label from Grapes of Galilee, an Israeli wine producer, my first thought was, “someone must have done this before now, right?”

But perhaps with the exception of the infamous Blue Nun, and probably a few of the “custom” bottles that the Vatican has in it’s private collection, Christianity may never have figured quite so prominently in a wine brand as on this one. Of course, now that wine labels have sported kangaroos, penguins, owls, moose, bears, lizards, and Hitler, the Son of God is a pretty logical next step.

Anyone care for a blind, grudge-match tasteoff between the Der Fuehrer and Christ? Sounds like a South Park episode that needs to be made, and a tasting party not to be missed.

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