Today is, of course, the uniquely North American holiday known as Thanksgiving, and as wine lovers, we have a lot to be thankful about. That we have a lifestyle that affords us the possibility of drinking wine at all is a pretty good place to start. And then there are the other luxuries that are implied by such a lifestyle — a roof over our heads, abundant food, family, friends, and a society which makes the enjoyment of these things possible.

I am also personally thankful for the the opportunity to have enjoyed so many wonderful moments with the people I care about over a shared bottle of wine. If there is one thing perhaps that we can all agree on when it comes to wine, it might be that this magical liquid has always been a part of human relationships. There is a special joy in celebrating life with a bit of wine.

I hope that wherever you find yourself on this holiday, that you are celebrating whatever you find precious in your life, and that you are doing it with a nice glass of wine in hand.

Happy Thanksgiving from Vinography.