WBW#40 Has Been Announced: Que Sirah Sirah

wbw_icon.jpgSome grapes just don’t get no respect. Petite Sirah might easily qualify as a member of that club. This grape reminds me of some hulking brute with a heart of gold. He’s the giant who doesn’t know his own strength or recognize the coarseness of his bearing, but is a steadfast and soulful friend. Call him the Beast.

Petite Sirah is sometimes tough to love. It’s a tannic brute of a wine, that at its worst never becomes more than an exercise in bludgeoning your palate with the taste of stems. But when those tannins are kept in check, it can be a seductive, rich wine, with depth and complexity.

It is presumably these qualities that Sonadora, the host of this month’s Wine Blogging Wednesday #40 would like us to seek out. Sonadora, who runs the blog Wannabewino, and has asked us all to seek out any version of this grape we can find, even if by its other name: Durif.

Those wishing to participate must simply review a Petite Sirah on their blog December 12th. And if you don’t have a blog and still want to participate, you can e-mail Sonadora and she’ll post your review for you.

Get out your tannin reflectors and drink some Petite!! If you’re looking for producers in California, you might drop by the P.S. I Love You society, as they seem to have a thing for this grape.