The Current State of Wine Blogging

This may or may not be of interest to most of you readers, but at the invitation of my friend Tim who runs the blog and podcast called Winecast, several top wine bloggers got together for an hour long conference call last week to talk about the state of wine blogging in the world today.

We discussed the beginning of the wine blogs, what’s happened since then, and what role wine blogs might play in the future of wine journalism.

The conversation was wine geekery at its finest, and some interesting navel gazing from the point of view of the wine blog scene.

Our hour long conversation is available by podcast — yes one full hour of this sort of thing — if you’re interested. Spending an hour listening to this sort of conversation might be only barely preferable to getting a lesson in sewage processing techniques for some, but if you care at all about the impact that blogs are having on the wine industry, this might be just your cup of tea. I especially suggest that my readers who are in the wine PR and Marketing fields take a listen.

Tim lists a rough table of contents on his site, so you can also try to selectively find a few chunks that are of interest.