Wine Blogging Wednesday #44 Announced: Gary Says “Drink French Cab Franc”

wbw_icon.jpgWhat happens when the wine blogosphere meets the movement that is Gary Vaynerchuk and his nation of Vayniacs? We’re about to find out, because Gary, the enfant terrible of the wine world and man behind Wine Library TV is the host for the 44th monthly Wine Blogging Wednesday. Gary’s announcement of this fact comes at about 13:45 into his latest show, if you want to hear it from his own lips.

The details, however are as follows:

On Wednesday, April 2nd, bloggers from around the world (and presumably Gary himself?), and hopefully a bunch of his Vayniac fans will all taste and review a bottle of French Cabernet Franc. For most of us, this will mean tasting a red wine from the Loire Valley, whose appellations like Chinon, Bourgueil, and Saumur, among others, make some beautifully elegant wines. Overachievers may want to seek out obscure appellations like Irouleguy or Cotes de la Malapere which also make wines from the grape.

Coincidentally (unless the New York Times makes it a habit of trying to scoop the world’s community of wine bloggers) Eric Asimov just held a tasting panel of a number of Loire reds from the 2005 vintage, which is being heralded as… wait for it … one of the best vintages in decades. All sarcasm aside, it was supposed to be a spectacular year for Loire reds, so go out there and find a bottle to drink with us in a couple of weeks.

Once you’ve posted your review, simply go back to the page where Gary announced the event, and post a link to your review in the comments. Somehow he’ll have to figure out a way of doing a roundup, which may be an interesting spectacle in itself.

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