The Complete List of Wine Blogs

I never thought this day would come. Really. When I started Vinography more than four years ago, part of my inspiration was the fact that when I typed “wine blog” into Google, I got zero results. I did the same with all the major blogging sites/services and came up pretty much empty handed. There were one or two wine blogs that had been started several months earlier, but they had been abandoned.

So I started tapping out my thoughts about in my own little dark corner of the Internet, assuming that in a while I’d have one or two friends join me in the adventure of blogging about wine.

Four years and three months later I’ve got 638 friends, and sadly, there’s just not room enough for them on the front page of my web site any more. Not to mention the fact that Google is getting increasingly persnickety about which sites it likes and which sites it doesn’t, partially based on the time it takes to load the first page.

So I’ve had to create The Complete List of Wine Blogs, which is where you’ll want to go if you want to keep track of them all. I’ll continue to post the newest ones (that I know about) in the left hand bar of my site, but if you feel like trolling the depths, you’ll need to do that from the big list. Happy surfing!

Photo courtesy of KK+