We Interrupt This Blog to Bring You: Vinography Jr.

I wrote this post in advance, knowing that I’d probably have to throw it up here at the last minute and sprint. Things might be a little erratic around here for the next couple of weeks, thanks to a new addition to the Vinography family.

See what happens when you drink wine? Let this be a lesson to you. A few good nights with a few good bottles, and nine months later? Pop. Just like a cork.

So we’re off to the hospital with a bottle of Krug, and you probably won’t see a post here for a few days while we get to know our daughter, Sparrow Lieu. I know it will be tough, but you’ll just have to hang in there without your daily dose. Perhaps you can wait in anticipation that my tasting notes will go off the deep end as I’m making them in a state of complete sleep deprivation when I resurface. Lord knows I’ll need a good glass of wine.