Three Cheers For a Wine Democracy

I’ve always privately believed that if everyone just drank a bit more wine, the world would be a better place. Who knows if that’s really true, but apparently it’s quite likely that if everyone drank more wine, the world would be more democratic.

According to analysis by Jon Bonné, Wine Editor for the San Francisco Chronicle, Obama was elected by The Wine Vote.

What’s that, you ask? Wine drinking liberal elitists? Guilty as charged. But get this little statistic:

Amount of wine produced in states that McCain won: 4.3 Million Gallons
Amount of wine produced in states that Obama won: 773 Million Gallons
Percentage of wine produced in America that comes from states that Obama carried: 98.6

Harper’s Index eat your heart out. The whole thing makes me giggle. And while Obama is a big beer lover, it’s clear that the White House wine cellar will get a lot more attention starting in January than it has for the last eight years.

Check out Jon’s blog post.