Menu For Hope Campaign Extended with New Prizes!

menu_for_hope_V.jpgMerry Christmas to all! Today was supposed to be the final day of A Menu For Hope, our annual charity raffle, but it has really picked up some steam in the last few days so we’re extending it through the end of the year! A number of new prizes in all regions have been added. So go find some fabulous prizes and bid on them:

You can find wine related prizes here on Vinography.

Prizes from Europe *including* the UK at Ms.Adventures in Italy

Prizes from US: West Coast at Matt Bites

Prizes from US: East Coast at Steamy Kitchen

Prizes from Canada at Hooked on Heat

Prizes from Asia Pacific, Australia, New Zealand at Tomato

And of course you can browse through the master list of prizes at Chez Pim.

We’re hoping that the momentum we’ve seen recently (we quickly went from about $15k a couple of days ago to, at last count, $40k and change) will continue as we try to get somewhere close to the $90k we raised last year. It will be tough in this economic climate, but you folks have surprised us many times before with your generosity and your ability to help us spread the word.

There are still a ton of wine prizes that have only one or two raffle tickets purchased for them so far, meaning your $10 donation to the hungry children of Lesotho could easily get you something awesome. And don’t forget that some people won some of the big, popular prizes last year with just a single ticket — the winner of last year’s Meadowood vacation (valued at around $3500) won with just a single raffle ticket.

Please spread the word, the holiday cheer, and the spirit of giving. And thank you so much for your support.