For Your Next Wine Vacation….

Did I mention that I love the Internet? Where else, and how else, could we discover the ultimate wine lover’s dream vacation: visiting the charming Dutch, eating fabulous cheese, drinking good wine, and going to sleep at night in a giant wine vat:

I can’t believe I missed the chance to check this out the last couple of times I was in the Netherlands. Apparently the Hotel de Vrouwe van Stavoren features guest rooms built inside 14,500 liter wine-casks! That’s totally worth the 2-3 hour train ride from Amsterdam next time I’m there. I know I would definitely like to “slapen in een wijnvat.”


Apparently these are huge old wine barrels that they’ve imported from Switzerland (the Netherlands, alas, is not much of a winegrowing region).

But if the hotel had a decent wine list that you could order via room service, that might make for a very nice little weekend!

Thanks to the folks at BoingBoing for bringing this to the light of day.