Six Years of Vinography

birthday_cake_sm.jpgHave you ever forgotten your own birthday? It just occurred to me yesterday that while I wasn’t looking last week, the 6th anniversary of this blog’s beginning came and went. It’s hard to believe that so much time has passed since I first started tapping away here in my corner of the wine web.

The last six years have been a wonderful exploration of my own passion for wine, and a fabulous experience of interacting with a growing body of readers.

While Vinography has garnered many accolades and awards, I am most proud of the quality of thought and writing that my readers bring to their comments here. After six years (and as of 9:53 PM tonight) you’ve responded to me and to each other 12,804 times. The conversations represented by those comments in some cases are way better than the ramblings or rants that provoked them, and in all cases are examples of some of the most thoughtful and civilized wine conversation to be found anywhere on the Internet.

So while I have much to celebrate after six years as a passionate-consumer-turned-wine-journalist, what I must give thanks for more than anything else are you, my readers.

Thank you for your continued passion for wine, and for the time and energy you spend listening to what I think about it.