Tom Wark’s Guide to Why You Can’t Buy the Wine You Want

I’m quite behind on my blog reading. I try to read a lot of wine blogs but it’s been some time since I checked in with many of them. Which is why I’m only now getting to suggest that you go over and read a post entitled A Manifesto for Change in the Wine Industry on Tom Wark’s blog Fermentation.

That, and the fact that it took me two days to read the thing.

It’s a very, very long post. Many of you will likely burn out before the end. But if you can, I encourage you to persevere to get the full story.

And what is that story? A very cogent and concise explanation of the really screwed up alcohol shipping and sales laws in this country, and how they got to be the way they are. If you are a wine lover, and especially if you’ve ever bought wine on the Internet (or wanted to) it’s important to understand just what makes it possible (or impossible, as the case may be) for you to buy the wines you want — online, in stores, and from wineries.

Wark also makes a sensible set of proposals for reforming the system. A set of proposals that are decades away from being commonplace, but nonetheless, a vision to aspire to.

This manifesto is truly an excellent piece of writing and a compelling argument for change of a totally irrationally restricted system. Check it out.