Give Them Some Wine!

The thought of being trapped underground for any length of time is enough to send some people off the deep end. The thought of being trapped underground for 3 months without any wine is a whole different ball game.

In the event you missed the news, an underground landslide has trapped 33 Chilean miners about 700 meters underground since August 5th. Already the group has been trapped longer than any other in history. The miners are miraculously in good health and reasonably good spirits. One of them has proposed to his girlfriend. They’ve made videos for the world. They’re getting vitamins, food, and anti-depressants.

But apparently they won’t be getting any wine, despite specifically requesting it.

Now, there may very well be some very good reason why these guys shouldn’t have any wine, but notwithstanding some dire threat to their welfare as a result (dehydration? rash decisions under the influence) it certainly seems like it would be the humane thing to do to pour some Carmenere down their little supply tube.

If they can’t take a shower, at least let them have a glass of wine.

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