Drink Sake to Help Japan

We’re all watching with deep sadness and empathy the unfolding of the post-earthquake and tsunami tragedy in Japan. For those of us who have a personal connection to Japan (I lived there for almost two years) the events of the past week have been heart-breaking.

Much like the tsunami in Indonesia, we are still not fully understanding the full extent of the tragedy. It is much worse than is currently being reported, mostly because the damage and the true death toll has not yet been fully surveyed.

I’m in contact with a number of friends, most of whom live in Tokyo, and they have been giving me reports on the growing understanding of the devastation, which includes the destruction of some sake breweries.

Even in the absence of such damage, I’d still be encouraging you to drink some sake, not only in solidarity, but to provide a token of economic support for a country that definitely needs it. My friend and fellow blogger W. Blake Gray came up with the idea of “Drink Sake Tonight, a Casual Benefit for Japan” to be held on March 25th (or any night you care to do it), and I think it’s a great excuse to enjoy some variation in your drinking routine while doing a little good at the same time.

Of course, I also encourage you to donate money to the many relief efforts that are underway as well by these agencies:

World Vision
American Red Cross
Children’s Emergency Fund
Mercy Corps
The Salvation Army
Convoy of Hope
International Medical Corps

But why not also go and grab yourself a nice bottle of sake as well? You can manage to give up that wine habit of yours for one night, right?

If you’re in the Bay Area, you should stop by True Sake in Hayes Valley, but you can also find sake at Whole Foods, K&L wines, and some other specialty wine and Japanese grocery stores.

Not sure what to buy? You can look through my sake reviews for ideas.

Thanks for your support.