Last Day to get a Discount at JancisRobinson.Com

As part of the announcement of my new column for Jancis Robinson, she’s offered Vinography subscribers a significantly discounted first year subscription price ($70 instead of $104). You can take advantage of this discount until Midnight Pacific Time today, by using the promotional code “THANKSA&J” when you sign up.

So is it worth $70? Well, here’s how I look at it. Two of the most important reference books in the wine world are The Oxford Companion to Wine and the World Atlas of Wine. I own both of them. However, together they weigh something like 25 pounds — hard to drag around with you. With a subscription to Jancis’ web site, you not only have digital access to these books, you can actually search the Oxford Companion, which is damn handy when you need to remind yourself what an aldehyde is and what they’re doing in your wine, and you can zoom into highly detailed digital versions of the maps for the World Atlas of Wine.

Those two resources alone are worth the cost of the yearly subscription. Add to them the immense quantity of additional content (articles, essays, tasting notes, restaurant reviews, and more) that you get, and the whole thing looks like a bargain.

I’ve always enjoyed it as a complement to my other more US-centric wine subscriptions. Check it out, and don’t forget to use the promotional code “THANKSA&J”

OK, enough of the commercial plug (though, it should be said, I don’t benefit financially in the slightest from you signing up, if you do).

Now back to your regular programming.