Napa and the New Kid in Town

Napa Valley has been awash with nervous energy for the past week. And it has nothing to do with the nearly magical reprieve that Mother Nature seems to have granted the 2011 harvest after unseasonably fierce rains.

On the surface, everyone pretends it’s just another week in wine country, but behind closed doors and in hushed tones over beers in the local bars, everyone seems to be talking about the handsome young stranger in town (see picture).

This past week, for the first time in more than 25 years, the wine critic Robert M Parker, Jr did not make an annual pilgrimage to taste the wines of Napa Valley, choosing instead to send a young man named Antonio Galloni.

When Robert M Parker, Jr announced to his subscribers this past February that henceforth he would no longer be reviewing California wines, and was instead passing this responsibility to his colleague Galloni, the news quickly rippled through the American wine industry.

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