2013 Mount Veeder Wineries Tasting: April 10, San Francisco

For all the traffic up and down Highway 29 in Napa all summer (California’s second biggest draw aside from Disneyland) there are a few bits of Napa that not many visitors or even dedicated wine lovers ever see. This is because they often lie up carsick-inducing roads that require some dedication and time to drive before they pay off with a series of (or singular) welcoming winery driveway.

The Mount Veeder AVA in southwest Napa is one such region. It hosts only few of Napa’s hundreds of wineries, but some, such as the Hess Collection and Mayacamas are among Napa’s most distinctive producers. They may not be the cult stars of the valley, they produce some exceptional wines from what is one of the valley’s most special sections of terroir. Of course many more wineries produce wines from Mount Veeder fruit when they can get it.

Opportunities to taste a majority of the wines made from this AVA don’t come along very often. Hence the appeal of a public tasting that will be held on April 10th. On that date, 28 wineries who produce wines from Mount Veeder will be showing up in San Francisco to showcase (and sell, if you’re interested) their wares, alongside nibbles prepared by chefs employed by several of the wineries.

If I wasn’t planning to be out of town that week, I’d surely be going, as this is a great opportunity to get a handle on a specific piece of Napa, and to taste some excellent wines.

2013 Mount Veeder Winery Tasting
Wednesday, April 10, 4:30 PM to 6:30 PM
Presidio Golden Gate Club
135 Fisher Loop
San Francisco, CA 94129 (map)

Tickets are $55 if purchased online ahead of time, or $75 at the door. Inexpensive parking is available, and a Muni bus line stops right at the Golden Gate Club.

My usual tips for such public tastings apply: come well hydrated and well slept; wear dark clothes to avoid red wine accidents; leave your perfume and cologne off for the day; and spit so you can learn something!