Introducing the Vinography Flipboard Magazine

I both read and write on my iPad depending on where I am in the world, the situation in which I find myself. I’ve tried to ensure that Vinography itself is fairly readable via an iPad, but that is not the same thing as being fully optimized for consumption on the iPad.

Close to 30% of my readers access Vinography on a mobile device, and of those, 30% are using an iPad, which means somewhere around 1 in 10 of my readers at any given time are using an iPad to read Vinography.

That makes sense to me, as I see myself, and others increasingly using the iPad as a content consumption device. In particular, I find myself using an application called Flipboard to read blogs, Facebook, and many other sources of online content that I enjoy.

Flipboard recently introduced technology that allows folks like me to turn our content into self-contained Flipboard experiences, and so today I’m happy to announce the availability of the Vinography Flipboard Magazine.


More than just a repackaging of Vinography content, the Vinography Magazine includes content that never gets posted to Vinography, including most notably, my favorite articles about wine from around the web. If you are a heavy iPad user, you’ll likely find the experience of reading Vinography via Flipboard quite pleasant. And if you’ve never tried, I hope you’ll take a look, as it might change your reading habits forever.

To access the magazine within Flipboard, just search for Vinography.

I’d love your feedback on this new format.