Vinography and The Essence of Wine Shortlisted for the Roederer Awards

Hello everyone. Brief tangent from the normal wine commentary to announce that Vinography was shortlisted this week in two categories at the Louis Roederer International Wine Writer Awards, one of the most prestigious awards bodies in the business. I’m very proud to say that Vinography was shortlisted for Best Online Wine Communicator, and perhaps even more importantly, The Essence of Wine was shortlisted for Wine Book of the Year.

I honestly don’t expect to win, as the shortlists in both categories are very strong (and quite long, in the case of online communicators). I’m quite proud of The Essence of Wine but frankly it is not a better wine book than Ian D’Agata’s phenomenal work on the Native Grapes of Italy for instance.

But it’s an honor to be nominated, and I wanted to pass the news along. Thanks for your ongoing readership and support. The finalists will be announced in September.

See the full shortlist.