Wine News: What I’m Reading the Week of 8/23

I read a lot of stuff about wine on the Internet. People frequently ask me for recommendations. But there’s just so much out there and only so much room in my head. In part that’s why I’ve been curating a wine magazine on on Flipboard for the last year or so. But for those of you who aren’t Flipboard inclined, I’ve decided to post a round-up here of what’s caught my eye over the past week.


Agustin Huneeus: Importance of place on wine
An interview with the head of the empire.

Wine Rises From Ashes of Chilean Quake
The drinks business reports on how Chile is recovering.

The Rise Of Orange Wine
You know it’s really trendy when FastCo Design talks about orange wine.

Black women ‘humiliated’ after getting kicked off Napa Valley Wine Train
And then it blows up on social media. #laughingwhileblack is the hashtag.

New rule will change definition of Japanese wine
The Japanese wine industry grows up with higher standards.

Year after quake, Napa’s wine industry healthy
The SF Chronicle’s new wine staff writer reports on Napa a year later.

How to buy and store a bottle of wine for a celebration in 25 years
Business Insider offers a strategy.

California wine, by the numbers
Patrick Comiskey breaks down California’s past year by the numbers.

The California wine region whose appellation got an upgrade
Dave McIntyre on the new Paso Robles.

Beyond the Beach: Exploring Sicily’s Emerging Wine Scene
Emerging? So… where have you been the past 5-7 years?

Why 2014 is a stellar year for Loire wines
Victoria Moore thinks it’s time to double down on Chenin.

Anthony Gismondi: Creating a wine of place
The new generation of Okanagan

‘I’m a fake-wine detective’
Sally Davies profiles Michael Egan in the FT.

Wine by the Glass: Do Women Get Less?
It’s bad enough they never get handed the wine list. Lettie Teague investigates further indignities.

A Place to Nap After Wine Tasting
Who wouldn’t want that?

7 Habits of Annoying Wine People, Readers’ Edition
Lettie Teague’s readers weigh in on the things they hate in the wine world.

How to Become a Wine Connoisseur
Will Lyons offers his tips for a self-education

Australian Winemaker Cleared of Dumping Rival’s Wine
Judgement of innocence, but maybe not for writer James Halliday.

Porron Service Takes Off
Nothing better then pouring wine all over yourself with friends.

Who Will Save Sangria’s Soul?
It has a soul? Tasty does not equal soul.

Climate change a ‘plus’ for Swiss wine growers
A “plus” get it?

Mother-Daughter Vintners Think Pink
A profile of Mindy Kearney and her mother-daughter brand Lorenza.

Does the California Wine Brand Need Help?
No one wants cheap California wine when they can have cheap Spanish wine instead.

California fires rage but vineyards safe, says Napa Vintners
Almost entirely unaffected, reports Decanter.

A close call for Okanagan wineries who narrowly avoided destruction by wildfires
BC, on the other hand, dodges a bullet.

A Dire Threat to Grapevines
When do we start to panic, asks the Wine Spectator?

Did Napa’s road to wine greatness start here?
Livermore was once a bigger wine region than Napa, writes Mira Advani Honeycutt.

GM protesters storm vine research center
“Bring us your GMO vines and no one gets hurt!”

The Allocation Conundrum: More Buyers Asking for Less Wine
Levi Dalton explains why you can’t have that wine.

Russia bans three California wines from shelves
Leslie Gevirtz, writing for Le Pan, covers the news. Hint: Pthalates.

Modern Wine Myths
Matt Kramer does the dispelling.