I’ll Drink to That: Chad Carey of Hot Joy

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Episode 295 of I’ll Drink to That has been released. It features Chad Carey, a co-owner of three restaurants in San Antonio, Texas: The Monterey, Barbaro, and Hot Joy.

Chad Carey, a former real estate developer, turned to restaurants when the market for property took a downturn in 2008. He opened The Monterey, which quickly garnered attention for pushing past the stereotype of Texas as the land of “Cab and slab”: Cabernet and steak dominant. Chad stuffed The Monterey with a wide ranging list of Sherries, wines from the Jura, Beaujolais crus, and later, premium pours from Coravin. The food from his chef partner was modeled on some of the New York restaurants Chad and he had visited, like WD-50 and Momofuku Ssam Bar. This combined for a restaurant that was well beyond the boundaries of what was considered normal in San Antonio, maybe the most overlooked of Texas’ major cities, food-wise. The Monterey became a clubhouse for those looking for the cool, the different, the new, or just in need of a great patio space in which to while away the hours. Chad kept the prices low and the wine list ever changing, with new entries often added to what had become a rambling collection. What happens when you try to raise the bar on the food scene you find around you? Chad has some answers to that question, and maybe a few bruises to show for it as well. This interview has unvarnished, straight from the gut answers about what trying to be different with wine means.

This episode also includes a Warm Up from Erin about Texas wine country in the Pre-Prohibition days.

Listen to the stream above, or check it out in iTunes.

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