Wine News: What I’m Reading the Week of 9/20

I read a lot of stuff about wine on the Internet. People frequently ask me for recommendations. But there’s just so much out there and only so much room in my head. In part that’s why I’ve been curating a wine magazine on on Flipboard for the last year or so. But for those of you who aren’t Flipboard inclined, I’ve decided to post a round-up here of what’s caught my eye over the past week.


Thief in Elvis wig and a mask robs Central Coast wine tasting room
A hunka, hunka… burglary.

Jefford on Monday: Burgundy wine harvest – is 2015 a great year?
Andrew Jefford pays a visit during harvest.

10 Must-Have Books for the Wine Lover’s Library
TheStreet.Com sounds off on the books that matter.

Angola ‘crazy’ about its sparkling, Nigeria just loves red — Africa drinking wine 5 times faster than the global average
What’s the wine scene like in Africa?

Putin and Berlusconi sued over ‘Ukrainian’ wine: Russian president and disgraced former Italian leader accused of uncorking a 240-year-old bottle in Crimea
We R In UR Cellarz Drinking UR Wynz.

Nine years of new words
Jancis Robinson on the new entries to a revised Oxford Companion.

William Shatner’s New Wine Enterprise
Ray Isle talks with The Captain.

10 top Washington Syrah
Patrick Comiskey picks his favorites.

Affordable Burgundy isn’t an oxymoron
David White on a few best kept secrets.

How to Drink Wine in Napa with Kids
A few tips for wine tasting with kids in tow.

Wine-Label Designer Makes Her Mark
Lettie Teague interviews a local Long Island artist.

The Finnish winemaker who makes no ‘wine’
Because the EU doesn’t consider Finland a wine-producing country, says Le Pan.

Wine icons: Mike Grgich
Le Pan interviews the legend.

Noël Verset, Vigneron Who Helped Save a Wine Tradition, Dies at 95
It was a long, good run, says Eric Asimov.

Cabernet Franc: The Ideal Summer-Into-Fall Wine
Lettie Teague talks Cab Franc.

Earthquake Strikes Chile Near Limarí and Elqui Valleys
The Wine Spectator with the latest on the earthquake in Chile.

One of America’s Best Sommeliers Grades Boxed Wine
Patrick Cappiello makes funnies for Playboy.Com.

Best New Sommelier: Martin Sheehan-Stross | Wayfare Tavern, SF
Luke Sykora interviews one of Wine & Spirits Magazine’s choice for Best New Sommelier.

In Defense of the Calimocho: Red Wine and Coke, Together at Last
We sneer at the idea from Chinese wine lovers, but the Spanish don’t care.

Who Will Decide the Future of Beaujolais?
Jon Bonné digs deep and comes up with great stuff.

Stony Hill Proves That in California, What is Old is New Again
David White on the CA Chardonnay producer whose old fashioned style is now

The 3 Biggest Modern Wine Mistakes
Matt Kramer on three things he’d like to see corrected.

Vineyard’s G-spot: Breeding grapes in search of a new wine
Esther Mobley covers Randall Graham’s Popelouchum project.

Nearly 1,400 bottles of seized wine may go down the drain
Never underestimate the stupidity of bureaucracy.

Hatchet Hall’s Wine List is a Cruel and Maddening Joke. Let Me Explain.
Yep, that really is the worst wine list I’ve ever seen.

Diary of a dream – part 1
Man buys half a hectare in Slovenia and starts to make wine.

California’s Wildfire, Through The Lens Of A Wine Glass
Cathy Huyghe makes the fires personal.

10 Austrian Whites to Drink this Season
Anne Krebiehl, MW on her favorites.

2015 Harvest in Northern California is Early and Light
Virginie Boone on how harvest is shaping up.

Rioja’s vineyard revolution
Tim Atkin on the politics of the wine region.