I’ll Drink to That: Bruce Neyers of Neyers Vineyards

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Episode 316 of I’ll Drink to That! has been released and it features Bruce Neyers of Neyers Vineyards.

When Bruce Neyers was originally on IDTT, in episode 167, he seemed to incite some astonishment amongst many listeners. This is a person that had planted vines at Mayacamas. That had been there for the beginning of Phelps “Insignia.” Who had sat on Noël Verset’s couch. And who had welcomed a young Jean-Marc Roulot to the States. It was a tremendous walk through some pretty special winemaker moments of this country and Europe. And clearly that interview hour didn’t allow enough time to tell all of the story. This episode picks up where the last left off, and charts Bruce’s founding of his own winery in California, how that happened, and why decisions were made as they were. Through the interview frame stroll several well known names from this country and from Europe, folks like Helen Turley and Thierry Allemand. When you think of California wineries that are approaching what they were doing with specific reference to European benchmarks, while sourcing from vineyards far outside Napa, it is tempting to think that this is new behaviour. But Bruce’s latest interview serves as a reminder that an earlier generation of wineries were following a similar vision. Bruce was taking ideas about vineyard farming from Clape and Brunier. The wisdom of that is perhaps best proved by the fact that more people today are listening.

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