I’ll Drink to That: Benjamin Lewin MW

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Episode 320 of I’ll Drink to That! has been released and it features Benjamin Lewin, who has authored several books on wine topics, including Claret & Cabs, Wine Myths and Reality, and Wines of France: A Guide to 500 Leading Vineyards.

Benjamin Lewin had a whole other career — and what really sounds like a whole other life — before his entry into wine writing, as the head of the influential scientific journal Cell. He led several successful innovations at Cell, many having to do with how it was published and run. He also authored a series of textbooks on genes. With those projects on his plate he might presumably have never quite made it to wine, but he did and indeed he has entered the field with vigor. He has self-published a number of wine-related books by this time, and this interview certainly touches on topics that he has raised in his many writings. But the real underlying thread of the interview seems to be book publishing itself, with Lewin discussing the difference between academic fields and the wine world when it comes to books. There is, for Lewin, some connection between those two realms in the form of books that are also textbooks, and his take on self publishing is a bit different in that regard than most wine writers. If you are curious about the evolving environment for wine writing, this is an interview to listen to and to consider.

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