I’ll Drink to That: Gregory dal Piaz

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Episode 324 of I’ll Drink to That! was released recently. It features Gregory Dal Piaz, who returns to the show for a second appearance. This episode catches up with him after a 4 month stint in Tuscany, where he was researching an upcoming book on the wines of the Chianti zone.

Of the wines categories that have had their 1970s era reputations hold on strong, Chianti is the only one that hasn’t been generally rehabilitated. Rosé is huge now. Prosecco is also on a roll. Riesling is a geek’s wine today, not a mass market panderer. Lambrusco and Sherry have great quality wines and fervent fan bases. Even sweet red wines are making a comeback. But Chianti remains mired in the long out-of-date image of the straw covered fiasco. However, the reality in Tuscany has been rapidly changing. Gregory Dal Piaz spent several months in the region studying the wines, and is now preparing to write a book on Chianti. In this interview he gives a synopsis of what he found. The upshot? Better farming, more understanding of the grape material, and a greater acceptance and pride in what Chianti is. Plus growing areas that are much more differentiated than the broader market understands or allows for. If you want to understand the extent of what is being left off the retail store shelves in America today, this interview is a great place to learn more. It is an insider’s guide to the reality of current day Chianti.

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