Wine News: What I’m Reading the Week of 12/13

I read a lot of stuff about wine on the Internet. People frequently ask me for recommendations. But there’s just so much out there and only so much room in my head. In part that’s why I’ve been curating a wine magazine on on Flipboard for the last year or so. But for those of you who aren’t Flipboard inclined, I’ve decided to post a round-up here of what’s caught my eye over the past week.


Cooperative Wine, Catching On and Catching Up
Per and Britt Karlsson survey the current state of Co-op wine making around the world.

Jefford on Monday: Stepping out with the Companion
Andrew Jefford goes down the rabbit hole.

Jura Rocks All Over the World
One of the world’s experts on the Jura takes stock.

Grant Phelps, Winemaker Casas del Bosque
DJ by night, winemaker by day

Why Wine Forgers Might Care About Atomic Regulations
Looking for a shorter half-life on fraud

The lady of La Lagune
Rebecca Gibb profiles Caroline Frey.

Female first for Hospices de Beaune
A new era, and one I’m excited about.

Nicolas Audebert takes the reins at Chanel’s Bordeaux châteaux
And a philosophy of small improvements.

The Wine Entrepreneur
An article about a wine importer in Nigeria

My hunt for the perfect ‘French’ vineyard – in Kent
The story behind Taittinger’s newest vineyard project.

The Internet Thinks You Can Unspoil Wine With A Coin, Here’s The Truth
Thank heavens someone is dispelling this “miracle.”

Napa Valley’s Vin65, Gliding Eagle seek to ease China wine direct-to-consumer shipments
Gotta get the wine to customers. Wherever they are.

Alternate Wine Grapes for California
Great article on alternatives. Where’s my Lake County Mencia, people?!?

Don’t Yet Weep For Vinous Humanity (’s Top 100 Wines 2015)
Joe Roberts suggests there may yet be hope for American wine drinkers.

Excoriating scoring
Richard Hemming attacks the OIV scoring system.

Coffee, ramen noodles and wine wash up on Florida beaches
Shipwreck wine. Sort of.

Wine Wednesday: Wacky, Weird Insolia
If you’ve never heard of it, try it out!

Resveratrol Could Replace Sulfites in Wine
And then we could all live longer, too.

Alzheimer’s: Drinking a glass of wine a day may help sufferers reduce risk of death from disease
And it makes you feel good in any case.

Baa Baa Black Sheep, Have You Any Wine? A Q&A With Winemaker André Mack
One of the busiest men in the biz.

$30M bottles worth of ‘fake’ wine seized, destroyed
And good riddance.

Where Are All the “Rebel” Women Winemakers?
Very interesting question. Maybe missing a Maggie Harrison reference, but good article.

Understanding the fruit fly’s nose
Helps us understand ours.

Tannat Is the Ultimate Big Red Wine for Steak
Elin McCoy goes full carnivore.

6 Reasons Why the Future of Wine is Looking Bright
But none of these are really new, except for Randall’s latest gambit.

Just a Piedmont Kind of a Guy
The story of a little importer run by a big guy.

How Entrepreneur Robert Mondavi Changed Wine Forever
A nice look at Bob as entrepreneur.

New Year’s Eve drinkers: This sparkling wine is cheaper, more interesting than Champagne
Fan of Franciacorta. But it ain’t always cheaper.

The Wine Cellar: Winemakers reclaim ancient lands in Southern France
Does the Northern Rhone really count as Southern France?

Champagne Taittinger to produce English sparkling wine in Kent
You know you’ve arrived, when…

Want to throw a great wine party? See how top L.A. sommeliers do it
Sounds like a good time to me. Unfortunately guys aren’t invited.

Keeping it in the family?
The story of Domaine Launay-Horiot

Feds Auction Off Top Wines — From Top Counterfeiter
A longer story of Rudy’s “real” wine.

Does That Wine Smell Good? Bacteria in Your Saliva Deserve Some of the Credit
Very interesting research.

Napa Valley wine gets new name protection
A certification mark give leverage to international arguments.

What a glass of wine a day does to your body
A roundup of the benefits.