I’ll Drink to That: Paul Einbund of Octavia, San Francisco

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Episode 328 of I’ll Drink to That! was released recently. It features Paul Einbund, Beverage Director of the San Francisco restaurants Frances, Octavia, and the still-in-the-works, The Morris.

This episode goes back to the roots of IDTT a bit, because although longform interviews with notable winemakers have become a regular and often remarked upon feature of the program, originally the emphasis was more squarely on the sommelier world with the boisterous banter that could result when an ex-sommelier shared the mics with someone still in the trade. This interview takes that form, although the sommelier in question, Paul Einbund, is located in San Francisco, and does not share the New York experience of many of the show’s earliest guests. The arc of the program follows what has become a familiar curve from many sommelier interviews: inside of a family who doesn’t drink, discovering wine as something special, then learning about fine dining for the first time by working in it, subsequently moving to fancier and fancier establishments, and then eventually embracing a more casual kind of restaurant. These aspects are all discussed in the interview, and it also hits on some points of restaurant philosophy. But really this interview stands out most for the humourous exchanges, as Paul, who clearly brings a lot of personality to the microphone, recounts his time as a voice actor and working in a costume-themed restaurant, as well as that long period when his manager boss couldn’t find the Dewar’s. If you are looking for an entertaining look at the beverage world, this episode is for you.

Listen to the stream above, or check it out in iTunes.

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