I’ll Drink to That: Vicente Dalmau Cebrián-Sagarriga of Bodegas Marqués de Murrieta

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Episode 333 of I’ll Drink to That! was released recently. It features Vicente Dalmau Cebrián-Sagarriga, the owner of Bodegas Marqués de Murrieta in Rioja and Pazo de Barrantes in Galicia, Spain.

Dalmau Cebrián-Sagarriga’s father purchased one of the most historical bodegas in Rioja and one of the key wineries in the history of Spain when he bought Marqués de Murrieta. This is the winery where a lot of what we think of as Rioja was created. It is also the winery that Dalmau would find himself running while still in his 20s, after his father died unexpectedly. Clearly, Dalmau was not afraid to make significant moves in the intervening years. This interview puts on display one strongly held conviction after another, from an emphasis on rebuilding the winery, to a shift in the lineup of wines offered, to a focus on specific lesser known grape varieties. Dalmau brought sweeping change to Murrieta, hiring a young team to carry out a series of plans intended to move the winery practice on several fronts, backing up those decisions with significant investment (to the tune of $30 million dollars, he states in this interview). This interview is a powerful reminder of the scale of Rioja, as this winery alone controls 800 acres of a region that produces hundreds of millions of bottles in total. And it also reminds the listener of the timeline on which Rioja can operate. This is a winery that does not hesitate to offer 30 year old white wines to the market, as it will do again shortly. If you are curious to hear about the connecting thread of Rioja’s history to the decision making in the region today, this is a good interview to seek out.

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