Wine News: What I’m Reading the Week of 2/1/16

Welcome to my weekly roundup of the wine stories that I find of interest on the Interwebs. I post them to my magazine on on Flipboard, but for those of you who aren’t Flipboard inclined, here’s everything I’ve strained out of the wine-related muck for the week.


Wine prices could go up after California wildfires leave tons of grapes unusable
First I’ve heard of significant smoke taint damage, and from a UK paper ?!

Italian Police Seize 9,200 Bottles of Fake Champagne Worth $380,000
Not just DRC and Lafite anymore.

The Story of Carrie Nation: The Infamous Ax-wielding Prohibitionist
The good old days that really weren’t.

One day, my son…
Jancis Robinson on the problem of succession

Welcome to Willi’s Wine Bar
Will Lyons on a perennial favorite.

Greek wines: The new generation
A brief overview of what’s new in the Agean

Brunello From the Other Side
Do we know if Adele likes Sangiovese?

Does Aging Wine Under Water Have Benefits — Or Is It Going Overboard?
A survey of the folks who are using this practice

Sonoma County makes nearly $1 million bet on the Super Bowl
Football and wine? Whooda thunk?

For Beer at Super Bowl, Color of the Competition Is Red and White
To answer that question above — apparently a lot of people

Interview: how Mas de Daumas Gassac wines hit the big time
A talk with the new generation at an old winery

What the future may hold for winemakers and wine drinkers
Dave McIntyre offers his thoughts on the Silicon Valley Bank wine report

Why there’s more to Australian wine than chardonnay

Shouldn’t that be ‘more than Shiraz?’

How to be fine at wine
Jancis Robinson on what she learned writing her latest book.

Champagne’s Golden Age
Antonio Galloni says there’s never been a better time for bubbles

Can ‘Frankengrapes’ save California wine?
Interesting results of cross-breeding for resistance to Pierce’s disease.

Cuba to Get a Taste of Californian Wine
Now that’s an event I’d love to attend if only to see what Havana thinks.

France, Iran, and the Affair of the Lunch Wine
Adam Gopnik on the subtleties of the diplomatic furor.

The Mâconnais on the Move
Stephen Tanzer on the least known part of Burgundy.

Montalcino – A trip up my personal Congo River to the (mother of all?) Brunello vineyards
Well at least Alfonso wasn’t saying “the horror, the horror” at the end.

Six Tips From A Digital Deep Dive Into Wine
Cathy Huyghe on highlights from the Silicon Valley Wine Report

Marsannay, Modest but Fully Realized Burgundy
Some of the better wines for value in the region

Millennials Drink More Wine Than Any Generation, Study Confirms
As soon as they have more money to spend…. watch out.

Anson on Thursday: The wine and music maestro
In depth article on interesting work on sensory perception

Three secrets of a great wine: an interview with Federico Giotto
Fun little interview with a winemaking consultant from Italy.

Why sommeliers hate that wine app you’re shoving at them
Wine apps are fine. Don’t shove them.

The Hermitage Hill and all of it’s lieux-dits.
Cool interactive map of Hermitage

Spain’s Latest Secession Problem Is All About Rioja Wine
Fortune Magazine’s take on the appellation wars

Exploring Mediterranean Spain
A primer from Josh Raynolds

Kaiser: Acidity is the Key to Ageing Wine
Yes, indeed.

The Illustrious History of Australian Wine’s Greatest Invention
Now THAT sounds like a fun game.

Why the American Wine Industry Needs a Shakeup
I’m not buying the argument.

Everything You Need to Know About the Wine World’s Next Big Thing
Um. It’s already big.

A guide to Chinese wine regions
Interesting to anyone who doesn’t know the region well

Billionaire Alejandro Bulgheroni Has New Wine Dreams for South America
Elin McCoy interviews the shy billionaire about his wine projects

Stolen Côte Rotie wine found in hidden cellar
French mafia?

Feck & Drink: why isn’t there more wine on TV?
Henry Jeffreys asks a very good question.

French winemaker drops organic status for ‘better treatments’
Copper and carbon prompt the change

Direct-to-Consumer Shipments Near $2 Billion

The Wine Trend No One’s Talking About (Yet): An Insider’s View
Cathy Huyghe talks with Scot McMillan about trends that you won’t find in his annual report.

Why White Wine Is More Than All Right in Winter
Lettie Teague wears white after Labor Day, too!