Wine News: What I’m Reading the Week of 2/28

Welcome to my weekly roundup of the wine stories that I find of interest on the Interwebs. I post them to my magazine on on Flipboard, but for those of you who aren’t Flipboard inclined, here’s everything I’ve strained out of the wine-related muck for the week.

Enjoy your Leap Day reading.

Wine Counterfeiter Rudy Kurniawan Loses His Stake in Burgundy’s Vineyards
A very cool move by the de Montilles, buying back the vineyard from themselves and using the proceeds for victims.

Farm Labor Contractor, Vineyard Pay $42K in Penalties for Providing Deplorable Housing Conditions to Farm Workers in Sonoma County
Ridge Vineyards in trouble for sub-standard housing.

French winemakers threaten Tour de France blockade over Chilean wine deal
Oops. Not enough to have a bicycle on the label.

A Master Sommelier Breaks Through the Wine-Glass Ceiling
It may be sponsored content, but it’s about a great lady.

Re-writing history in Bordeaux
Will Lyons on the annals of Bordeaux

Raúl Pérez: A Winemaking Artist’s Touch
Chris Fleming profiles a disciple of Palacios.

French wine regions to watch: Who’s on the rise?
Andrew Jefford prognosticates.

China’s Internet Billionaire Buys Bordeaux Wine Château for More Than $16 Million

Some think this will touch off a foreign investment stampede.

Wine in Southern California: The Beginnings
Something of the early history of wine in Southern CA.

Is Wine Really Healthy For You? The Controversy Continues!: A Guest Post by Richard Norton
A good meta analysis of current news and guidelines.

Great wine does not exist: An interview with Albino Armani
Elisabetta Tosi talks with a man focused on typicity.

Montepulciano: 7 Sommeliers Make The Case for Italy’s Forgotten Wine
Vino Nobile FTW.

How Millennials (Almost) Killed the Wine Cork
Kind of a crappy article (many factual errors), but nice to see wine coverage in the Atlantic

How Pompeii brought ancient Roman wine back to life

One of my favorite wines from Italy, mostly because of its story.

Anson on Thursday: Inside the ‘world’s greatest wine library
Jane Anson wanders around the stacks.

Age and disease threaten Burgundy wine shortage, report warns
Even less Burgundy. Sigh.

Sommelier is constipated: true Internet profiles
Some humor thanks to machine translation.

Your New Crib Sheet to Wine’s Zeitgeist
Jon Bonne picks Chablis

Jefford on Monday: The Jerez terroir challenge
Andrew Jefford on the regions explorations

How We Got to the Premier Cru Wine Scandal
Zachary Sussman on his history of pre-arrivals

Jay McInerney on wine writing
Jamie Goode reports on Jay’s talk at the recent Wine Writers Symposium

US Government Solves International Crisis, Issues Pinot Noir Stamp
Best title ever?

Sideways – the Play
Will Lyons sits down with Rex Pickett

White Wines From Southern Italy Are Leading a Revolution
Elin McCoy on Etna, Calabria, and Puglia

Prosecco Gets Serious About Quality
Christy Canterbury visits Conegliano

Q&A: Louis Michel Liger-Belair
Q&A with a great producer

Natural Wine for Naysayers
Ray Isle gets a guided tour of the natural wine landscape and only falls into a couple of trenches

Why your wine business startup will fail
Wine is too niche for hockey-stick growth unless you’re giving away something for free

Can Chianti Shed Its Dusty, Banal Image?
Lettie Teague says it’s worth another look

Wine and the Consequences of Brexit
Wine gets more expensive for the UK in Brexit