I’ll Drink to That: Author Jay McInerney

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Episode 348 of I’ll Drink to That! was released recently. It features Jay McInerney, the wine critic for Town & Country Magazine as well as the author of collected essays about wine like Bacchus & Me and acclaimed novels like Bright Lights, Big City.

A fun scene I’ve imagined at times is one where Jay McInerney talks future projects with Sylvester Stallone – a conversation which is not totally implausible, given Jay’s wide acquaintance among celebrity types. “Are you doing another Rambo, or is it a Rocky movie coming up this year?”, Jay wants to know. “Because if it is Rambo I’ll do wine book this time, but if it is Rocky then I’ll hit up a novel.” It is just plain silliness to assume that Jay might be a project alternation calendar with Sly, but there does seem to be a sort of hopscotch going on with the output of both professionals. Last time it was a novel, now it is time for another wine book, that sort of thing. In this interview Jay makes it clear that his shifts from the literary world to the wine world and back again aren’t just about finding another job to do. They are about finding another life. The attendant joys of the wine side that Jay clearly loves – the travel, the food, and the alcoholic highs – act as a salve to the bitchiness that Jay calls out in the literary world. But at the same time, a regard for his creative writing has opened winery doors for him that otherwise might have stayed shut. This conversation is a look at life on a kind of seesaw: plumbing the lows for content while anticipating the highs. Rocky could surely relate.

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