I’ll Drink to That: Author Ian D’Agata

Episode 354 of I’ll Drink to That! was released recently. It features Ian D’Agata, the author of Native Wine Grapes of Italy, as well as the Scientific Director of the Vinitaly International Academy, and a contributor to Vinous Media and Decanter.

When it comes to Barolo, many commentators have long focused on technique and style, placing Traditional against Modern in an epic battle of personalities, market share, and moral codes. There are few wine regions anywhere in the world where the technique and the process have been as discussed as with Barolo. Which is fine. But what that conversation neglects is terroir, which by the way is pretty much at the forefront of most conversations about most wine regions. And while people endlessly debate Traditional versus Modern, the sense of what each part of the place gives to a wine is lost. That is too bad, because the Barolo zone has never been so precisely mapped as it is right now. So the fact that Ian D’Agata spends 50 minutes speaking about Barolo crus without even really bringing Traditional vs. Modern into the conversation is part of what makes this a refreshing discussion. The other part of why it is good has to do with Ian himself, as he clearly knows this and many other subjects quite well, and possesses a powerful intellect in addition to an open manner. It is a treat to hear someone like Ian delve into a subject, and in this interview, he covers Barolo and Barbaresco at length, as well the Alto Piemonte and Etna. If you have an interest in those areas, you should definitely tune in to what Ian has to say.

Listen to this episode:

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