Wine News: What I’m Reading the Week of 5/1/16

Welcome to my weekly roundup of the wine stories that I find of interest on the Interwebs. I post them to my magazine on on Flipboard, but for those of you who aren’t Flipboard inclined, here’s everything I’ve strained out of the wine-related muck for the week.


White Lights Way for Napa’s Rosemary Cakebread
Le Pan profiles one of Napa’s under-sung winemakers

Want some wine with that overcriminalization?
Yes, our laws are that stupid.

The Best-Value French Wines for Your Money
Lettie Teague on the charms of the Loire.

Thousands of Bottles of Bootleg Kosher Wine Found in Montreal Synagogue
Who knew there was a black market for Kosher wine in Canada?

Some Non-Jews Think Manischewitz Wine Tastes Good, Befuddling Jews
Consider me befuddled.

The Wine-Lover’s Guide to the Best Airline Vintages
Ted Loos dishes on ALL the airline wine programs.

eBay wants to be a part of a business that has a $1.4 billion potential — but it might be too late
Interesting news, but who wants to buy wine on eBay?

Two indicted in French Laundry wine theft
Finally. After having recovered much of the wine months ago.

Forgotten wine collection to net owner £700,000
An amazing find, if it’s true, and these aren’t fakes.

Frost Strikes France’s Burgundy and Loire Wine Regions
Ouch. Looks like a bad one.

Yes, New Jersey Makes Wine — And It’s Good
But not great, says Alan Richman.

Who Owns Bankrupt Retailer Premier Cru’s Wine?
Things are getting tricky in this bankruptcy-turned-fraud-investigation.

Oregon geologists dish up new dirt on wine
A study correlates flavor profiles and soil geology for the first time.

Don’t bother ‘demystifying’ wine – the magic is in what we don’t know
Victoria Moore gets philosophical.

Why red wine is good for your microbiome
So is dark chocolate, apparently.

Q&A: Edouard Moueix, Bordeaux Négociant
Adam Lechmere interviews the younger Moueix.

Luca Formentini: The Musical Soul of Lugana Wine
Portrait of a producer by Elisabetta Tosi

Meet the British diplomat, scientist and privateer who invented the wine bottle
Portrait of a renaissance man.

Welsh wine is the toast of Bordeaux
Thanks to global warming and a lot of persistence.

South African Wine’s U-Turn on Terroir
A solid article on the progress of South Africa

What It Takes to Become the Best Sommelier in the World
Ray Isle talks with Arvid Rosengren about winning the title

Why Bordeaux matters
Will Lyons says there’s something for everyone in Bordeaux.

Follow the Liter
Jameson Fink on the new large format.

My Month of Drinking Naturally
Michael Schachner doesn’t like natural wines. But he bought them anyway.

Meet the Women Changing Bordeaux’s Historic Wine Traditions
Elin McCoy writes a great article on the next (female) generation in Bordeaux

Q&A: François Audouze, Wine Collector
Blake Gray talks to the man who drinks old wines.

Anson on Thursday: Benchmark wines from Chile
Jane Anson on the top wines of Chile

Sauvignon blanc’s continuing evolution
It’s actually getting a bit better in Napa

Dunne on Wine: Amador County’s reputation for crafting complexity grows
If they can keep it from becoming raisins, its pretty good stuff

Nazi Wine Stash Discovered in Secret Cellar
There must be more out there.

Wine From Tropical Thailand? These Pioneers Are Proving It Can Be Done
Two harvests a year!

The Ultimate Wine Lover’s Learning Experience
Where better to take wine classes than in wine country?

Austin’s 8 best sommeliers keep the wine scene flowing
Meet a few of the tastemakers

See the wine photos of the year 2016
A couple nice photos in there

There’s More to Bordeaux Than Super Expensive Wine
A nice overview of the affordable side of Bordeaux

This Greek grape almost disappeared. Its rescue led to some delicious wines.
A brief note on Malagouzia

Wine around the world: who drinks the most?
Running the numbers

Wine Talk: The master vigneron
A profile of Israel’s first MW