Wine News: What I’m Reading the Week of 5/29/16

Welcome to my weekly roundup of the wine stories that I find of interest on the web. I post them to my magazine on on Flipboard, but for those of you who aren’t Flipboard inclined, here’s everything I’ve strained out of the wine-related muck for the week.


Spain’s Wine Industry Is Hiccuping From Its Excesses
Going the way of Australia?

Returning a faulty wine in a restaurant
Decanter offers a primer on dealing with corked wine.

Nepal’s wine industry predicts boom times
Nepali wine, who knew?

Jefford on Monday: Letter to a young wine taster
Andrew Jefford offers advice to the novice.

Baja’s Valle de Guadalupe is wine lovers paradise
Guide to Mexican wine country.

Obituary: Donn Chappellet
Decanter remembers a Napa Pioneer

Scientists Prove That Alcohol Makes You Happy
What a surprise.

The Langhe, Piedmont where Barolo wine ‘is a piece of a farmer’s soul’
This article properly defines the term “idyllic”

Drops of God Authors Turn to Wine Pairing
Wine comics are awesome.

Why Orange Wine is the Summer’s Trendiest, Tastiest Drink (Sorry Rosé)
The trend continues.

Japanese wine drinkers are becoming more adventurous: report
Increase in diversity and interest bodes well.

Anson: Fomenting a Spanish red wine revolution
Jane Anson captures another perspective on Spain’s DO system.

Wine In Colorado: Where Cool Climate Grapes Are The New Hot
Kathy Huyghe explores the continental divide.

Pursuing a Passion as a Second Career
Nice profile of AP Vin.

How Spain is Rediscovering its Vinous Treasures
Food & Wine discovers Mencia.

What’s the Big Deal About Rare Grapes?
They’re like buried treasure.

What Now Matters Most
Michel Bettane on matters of terroir.

Do You Need Wine-Lister, a New 1000-Point Wine Rating System?
Elin McCoy comes away unconvinced.

Is Familiarity Breeding Contempt for Chardonnay?
W. Blake Gray asks why can’t it get no respect?

Pursuit of Balance Finally Peters Out
W. Blake Gray on the organization’s decision to cease operations.

Over 55s warned over wine investment scams
Don’t invest in wine. Period.

First look inside Bordeaux’s world-beating museum of wine
Looks cooler inside than out.

The Judgment Of Paris: The Blind Taste Test That Decanted The Wine World
NPR on the Judgment of Paris.

Sour Grapes: When California Beat France’s Vintners
YAJOPS – Yet Another Judgment of Paris Story.

Dunne on Wine: Paso Robles’ Cabernet Sauvignon
Cowboy country does cab.

Hungary’s famed dessert wine grape has a dry side
Michael Austin on the charms of dry Furmint.

Where Women Fight the Patriarchy with Wine
The female producers of Sicily.

Firm Alleges Rudy Kurniawan Sold It $2.45 Million in Fake Burgundy, and Wine Merchants Helped
We all knew there was more to the story.

An Unexpected Twist in CA’s Wine Culture Wars
Jon Bonné on the end of IPOB.

Can the pop-top wine can survive its faddish stage?
Wine in a can ain’t a bad idea, especially rosé.